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GUATEMALA FILM CONNECTIONS is a private agency that provides production services by subcontracting different reliable companies and professional people in Guatemala.  It handles local productions, variety of locations, scouting activities, human talent, full equipment, good transportation and everything involved in shooting film projects.

Pamela Lopez Franco, the Director, was born in Guatemala. She has a bachelor degree in Communication Sciences and has been a film producer for about 10 years in Guatemala.


Documental videos and Advertisings:

Documental videos: "Guatemala Corazón de América" (Guatemala: Heart of America), "Tikal la Huella de los Tiempos", "Concienciamorfosis", others.

Advertising in mass media TV, radio and Press: 6 spots "Incentive to vote for General elections 2007", 4 spots "Incentive to vote 2011",  6 spots "Voting Fingers Campaign". 

Film Production:

"Donde Acaban los Caminos” (“Where the Roads End") by Carlos Garcia Agras in 2004.

"El Regreso de Lencho” (“The Return of Lencho") by Mario Rosales,

"Puro Mula" by Enrique Perez and

"Capsulas" (“Capsules”) by Verónica Riedel in 2010; this last movie won 5 awards in different festivals. 



Telemundo interviewed the "NY HBO Latino Film Festival" with the Director and Producer of the movie "El Regreso de Lencho".



Ruta Verde in a Guatemalan local channel, interview with "Capsulas" Crew.




30" spot of 6 "Voting Fingers"  General Elections 2011


30" Spot "Incentive to Vote for Disabled" General Elections 2011



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  Guatemala Film Connections

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