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-House Hunters International    July 2014     (London),  
We film a lake Atitlan episode, in that one we made the local production.
- Japon TV project                         May    2015     (Japon-Mex),  
A 4 days shooting in Antigua Guatemala, locations scouting and local production.
-  Green is Good (fashion)             June 2017   (Mex-USA)
Rent of equipment for 3 days shooting in Antigua Guatemala, 
local producer and translator.
- La reina del sur 2 (TVShow)       Nov- Dic 2017        (Telemundo/JKfilmTV)  
Locations scouting in Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala City and Peten
- La reina del sur 2 (TVShow)      April -July 2018        (Telemundo/JKfilmTV)
Pre production for 7 days shooting in Antigua and Guatemala city, 
Locations permits, 
60 crew and casting, 
Rental equipment,
Transportations, props, art, special requeriments, etc.
This film was cancel 2 weeks before shooting due the fire volcano eruption, the production move to Belice where we took the equipment.
- MANTRA                            May- July 2013        (Bollywood -Nepal)
We worked the pre production, locations scouting, permits, logistics, travel visas, equipment rent, crew, cast all in pre production stage. 
- Small Group                       June - December  2016     (Georgia USA), 
Pre production and locations scouting, casting and crew, equipment rental and productions for 10 days shooting in Guatemala City. 
23 people crew,
12 actors casting,
Art dresser and props master,
- Legendary Films                   Nov 2016- January 2017     (LA California),
3 days location scouting in Antigua Guatemala, Lake Atitlan and helicopter scout in Tikal.  
- Nona  (Michael Polish)          Feb -Arpil 2017       (LA California)
Pre production and production, crew and logistics for 3 days shooting in Peten, Guatemala.
Local producer, transportation, locations scouting and permits.



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