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Laguna Lachuá is a karstic lake in Guatemala. It is located in the middle of a national park covered with tropical rain forest, northwest of Cobán, near the border between the departments of Alta Verapaz and El Quiché. The lake is almost circular and is probably a sinkhole (cenote) or doline. The lake water has a slightly sulphurous smell.  "Lachuá" is derived from the Q'eqchi' mayan language.

The water contains a relatively high degree of calcite and tree branches fallen into the lake are quickly covered with a white calcite layer. The Peyan river forms the main water inflow and the Lachua river its main outflow.

In 1976, an area of 145 km² around the lake was designated a national park. Lake or sinkhole Lachuá and its buffer zone was also declared a Ramsar site in 2006.


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