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The visa for visiting the country is not needed for most of countries including United States, Latin America and all Europe and that will be for a 60 day period. To bring the equipment in the airplane dose not have an extra charge for airport migration if you fill the form "temporary imports", that declares that you will bring all the equipment back home.


The permits for filming on national & natural parks, colonial cities, historical monument, archeological mayan sites can be given in a relative short time and in a easy way just paying a fee. For filming in a private property, it is required to negotiate directly with the owner of the building, theater, house, etc. For roads or public places, it is required to negotiate a special permit and in most places the local authorities will give to the production: security, help and good attitude for blocking streets, sounds, special parking spots, etc. 


There are no taxes for foreign 
commercials or films shooting in Guatemala.




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