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TIKAL, PETEN (North Guatemala)

Tikal means “Place of Voices”. It is nowadays, the biggest Mayan City known and studied. The park has an extension of 358 square miles (576 Kms.) It was declared Human Heritage patrimony, by UNESCO in 1979. Among its main temples and plazas is recommended to visit: 

Major Plaza:  It is the Archeological Park of Tikal, surrounded by impressionist buildings as the Temples I and II, the North and Central Acropolis, as well as a big range of altars that took part of the dynastic history of the Mayan Civilization in Tikal.

Temple I: Known also as Big Jaguar Temple, it was built around the 700 year of our era. Its crest reaches 27 miles high (45 Mts).

Temple II: It is known also as "Temple of Masks". The temple was built by the governor Ah Cacao around the 700 AD.

North Acropolis: It is a religious complex in Tikal. It is the most complete individual construction until now excavated in the Mayan area.

Temple IV: It has 43 miles high (70 Mts.), it is the highest structure in Tikal and is called “Two-headed Snake Temple”. Visitants are able to climb up to the crest base. The most beautiful sight of Tikal in the tropical forest can be watched from here.

There also other important temples as Temple III, Temple V, Inscription Temple, Big Pyramid Plaza or Lost Word, Palacio de las Ventanas (Window Palace).






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